Drama Classes

Carol Godby Drama class

With over 20 years of experience the Carol Godby Theatre Workshop prides itself on offering a very modern approach to its unique, successful drama classes.

Drama classes are available from 3 years of age to adult

We are by no means a typical stage school with all sessions held outside of school hours and running through most school holiday breaks. The main aim of our workshops is to build confidence and develop social skills within our members as well as teaching about professional performance techniques and we feel it is the correct balance between having fun and learning that contributes to our success. Our proven track record of popular, busy and successful classes has shown us this approach works.

Though we endeavour to make the sessions exciting and enjoyable we do of course take our classes very seriously and strive to educate about drama, instilling discipline for the arts whilst supporting the development of talent for both TV and theatrical acting. From an early age members of the workshop are encouraged to learn improvisation techniques alongside script work and lessons are adapted for all levels of ability.

The classes are very well structured and planned lasting one to two hours depending on the age group. All of our drama coaches are very experienced, the majority of which are actively involved with professional performance and work within the media industry alongside their teaching. The coaches are often ex-members of the workshop themselves and have all worked very closely with Carol throughout their training.

Carol Godby is extremely passionate about her workshop and is very hands on, still coaching many of the groups herself. Carol and all the coaches are very approachable and feel very proud of the talent they have nurtured, many of which have gone on to perform to a professional level. The classes are often used as a platform for Carol to assess young people wishing to join the casting agency and sister company, Linton Management.

Carol Godby Drama Class girls acting serious
Carol Godby Drama Class boy wearing funny glasses
Carol Godby Drama Class children playing
Carol Godby Entire Drama Class